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ARGOS Features and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Shipyard-specific optimization metric
  • Tailorable to different customers
  • Adapts to changing needs
  • Rapid insertion into production
  • Accommodates business change
  • High-speed optimization
  • Solve large problems
  • Optimization inside production cycle
  • More “what-if” analysis
  • Warm restarts
  • Faster response to schedule disruptions
  • Minimal cost/minimal disruption options
  • Manpower planning tool
  • Computes optimal staffing for given schedule choices
  • Allows optimal management of labor pool
  • Float optimization
  • Customizable tradeoff between schedule robustness and cost
  • Customers can control the level of slack and see what extra slack costs them
  • "Smart" float
  • Emphasizes float where slippage is most damaging
  • Makes schedules more robust without unduly increasing cost
  • "Anytime" behavior
  • Good solutions available quickly
  • Computation effort & lead time responsive to situational needs
  • Better manpower management
  • Reduces levels of overtime and idle time
  • Reduces staffing churn
  • Lower costs, less burden on workforce, better retention
  • Integration with existing shipyard scheduling software
  • No disruption to existing reporting and scheduling processes
  • Small integration costs
  • Minimal training time and cost
  • Schedule visualization
  • Allows rapid assessment of schedule quality
  • Increased ability for schedulers and others to produce schedules with desired qualities